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Anesthesia Safety and Surgical Monitoring

Anesthetic procedures (surgical and dental) are performed with your pet's safety in mind.  Although no surgical procedure is considered risk free, we maintain rigorous standards of safety. A staff member is dedicated to monitoring your pet throughout their entire procedure and recovery time and our doctors use only the safest drug protocols and inhalant (gas) anesthetic tailored to your pet's specific condition and needs.

At Family Pet Hospital your pet will have an IV catheter placed prior to surgery to insure that your pet maintains adequate hydration and provide a readily accessible port for emergency medications to be given if necessary.  All of our surgical patients will be monitored with a pulse oximeter (measures oxygen in the blood), and ECG (measures heart rate and rhythm), capnography (measures breathing function), blood pressure, and temperature.  Our surgical table is heated to maintain your pet's body heat and make them as comfortable as possible.  A dedicated assistant will be monitoring your pet throughout their procedure so your mind can rest easy.

Family Pet Hospital Voted Best Veterinary Clinic in Platteville WI

Pain Management

Our veterinarians took the veterinary medical oath upon becoming doctors and part of that oath is to aid in the "relief of animal suffering".  We take that oath very seriously and the doctors and staff of Family Pet Hospital recognize that alleviating pain is paramount to the care and comfort of your pet. Every surgical patient has pain medications administered before, during, and after surgery.  Our team believes that if we would like pain medication for our own surgery, so would our pets. If you have questions about how we can improve the comfort of your pet please talk to one of our team members.

Family Pet Hospital Voted Best Veterinary Clinic in Platteville WI

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft tissue surgery consists of everything from lump removals to splenectomies and emergency intestinal surgeries - pretty much anything that doesn't involve the bones themselves!  Our veterinarians are skilled surgeons with many hours of surgical experience under their belt.

Family Pet Hospital offers a wide range of surgical services, from routine spays and neuters to advanced soft tissue and emergency surgery.  Although most surgeries can be performed by our excellent doctors, for procedures requiring specialized equipment, a certified, traveling veterinary surgeon will come right to our clinic so your pet never has to travel far for care!

Unfortunately, similar sounding procedures are frequently not the same at all veterinary hospitals.  To ensure your pet receives high quality care, you need to choose a hospital with high standards.  When asking about any service, please inquire as to what is included in the procedure that you are interested in.  Also, inquire about what kind of monitoring is used for anesthesia.  A good clinic will be happy to discuss their procedures with you.

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Family Pet Hospital Voted Best Veterinary Clinic in Platteville WI