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Internal Medicine

Family Pet Hospital Voted Best Veterinary Clinic in Platteville WI

When your pet isn't feeling well you want the best for your pet!  Our veterinarians provide excellent internal medicine knowledge and our facility is equipped with advanced in-house diagnostic equipment when you need answers fast. Our digital X-ray machine provides quality images that can be emailed to specialists for expert advice when required.

Our veterinarians maintain a network of colleagues around the country with specialist skills that they can contact as well as being active members of the Veterinary Information Network themselves - a community of over 20,000 veterinarians world wide who regularly share ideas and advice on cases.

Family Pet Hospital also maintains an extensive pharmacy which allows us to readily treat a vast array of ailments and speed your pet on his way to recovery.

Our staff is trained to care for hospitalized pets and those in need of critical and extensive monitoring and they will keep in contact with you throughout the day to give up dates and let you know how your furry family member is doing while in our care. When your pet requires more extensive care than our team can provide, Family Pet Hospital works extensively with several specialty and referral hospitals in the Madison area to transfer your pet as smoothly as possible.

Although we could never begin to list all the conditions our veterinarians treat, here is a short list of some of the more common issues we see on our internal medicine service:

Family Pet Hospital Voted Best Veterinary Clinic in Platteville WI
Family Pet Hospital Voted Best Veterinary Clinic in Platteville WI

Thyroid Disorders
Blood and Clotting Disorders


Blood Transfusions
Ear Infections
Kidney Disease
Gallbladder and Liver Disease
Heart Disease
Ocular (Eye) Problems
Oral/Dental Disease
Congenital Issues

and many more!